New Years thoughts

New Years Eve day I enoutered a man at the store who quite proudly related his New Years resolution: “I’m going home tonight to put ‘2010’ on the first 25 checks in my checkbook so I don’t have to tear so many up this coming year”! As he is one of only seven people left in the continental U.S. still using paper checks, I thought, what can I, as a debit-card-generation kind of guy, do as an alternative.

I went to the pile of bricks our landlord has out back and built a replica of Stonehenge in the backyard, then rotated it 12 degrees to the west. It won’t help me remember anything of note about 2010, but it has the neighbors on their toes.

More new year stuff posted tonight. Caio.


4 thoughts on “New Years thoughts

  1. kayroseland January 4, 2010 / 7:31 am

    I think you might find there are far more than seven people who still have checkbooks — moi for one! I also have the debit card…..
    The convenience of online banking in my mind does not outweight the risks: I find using the telephone to access my account a lot easier and less prone to being hacked.
    Now about those bricks: 12 degrees? seriously?
    Gonna mess up your view of the next solstice…
    Happy New Year!


  2. Paul Sears January 4, 2010 / 8:24 am

    Hey, make that 7 + 1 + 1 = 9 people who write checks.
    I do as well.


  3. Lillian Iverson January 13, 2010 / 9:36 am

    Add me to the list. Old habits die hard!


  4. Ron January 14, 2010 / 11:36 pm

    Check writing would be a lot more popular if they brought back the whole floating effect! I miss that.


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