Nine divided by foreplay

5:45 a.m. the clock radio kicks on
oldies station; B.J. Thomas is hooked
on a feeling – as am I – yet she barely
stirs, but to whack the snooze bar

at 5:54 as Van Morrison coos about his
brown eyed girl, I hold my blue-eyed
version, beginning to hip-bump to the beat,
she again smacks ‘snooze’ nodding her
head in something resembling rhythm

6:03 a.m. Fleetwood Mac jarringly
proclaims, ‘you make lovin’ fun’
and I am trying to, as she remains
face down in her pillow, left hand
aimlessly groping for the elusive
snooze bar as I sing-hum along
in a key that will unlock nothing

by 6:12 The Beetles are in high form
at falsetto crescendo, mid chorus

she’s got a ticket to ride,
but she don’t care…

forgoing snooze she cranks Paul
way up, turns my way with
cocked eyebrow

Mmm..maybe she does care.

One thought on “Nine divided by foreplay

  1. Dale January 5, 2010 / 9:20 pm

    Try a rap music station. You’ll get to 1st base on the first verse.


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