Annnnnd we’re off….

Wednesday was my first day back on the sub beat following winter break; English class at a favorite charter school. A girl that I haven’t dealt with there on previous visits is loud, obnoxious and disruptive, though in a mostly humorous, not angry, way. I finally call her to the doorway for a 1-on-1, and she explodes at ME for ‘messing with’ her about being disruptive and disrespectful. “My talking aint disrespecting YOU”! are among her complaints. I decide to let her vent it out, so I stand in front of her passively, listening, with arms folded. Principal walks by, hears the girl yelling, sees us through the window, enters room.

“Alitra! What are you doing”?

Class clown suddenly goes ballistic : “THIS MAN IS GOING CRAZY ON ME BECAUSE I’M TALKING”!!!

Principal looks at me, I shrug. She shakes her head, tells girl to join her in the hall, eventually detention, and once again, I haven’t said a word.

Another one bites the dust. And we’re off and running for 2010.


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