Lost soul: A Mardi gras moment.

Saturday night, enjoying Krewe du Vieux, (http://www.kreweduvieux.org/) one of the smaller, more intimate Mardi gras parades, when the parade stops for a moment.

One of the parade participants is in a unit that has a wrestling theme, and this guy is holding one of the corner-posts to an actual ring, while shenanigans ensue inside said ring (another story entirely).

The guy (along with all his cohorts) is wearing a full, Mexican-style, masked wrestler head mask…but this guy also sports a vibrant, green and yellow Green Bay Packers poncho. He is standing right in front of me so I holler out the most logical think I can think of:

“We love Brett Favre”!

The guy gives a huge sigh, bows his head, shaking it sadly, says mournfully,

“Gimme about ten years”.

With that, the parade began moving again. Back to the revelry.


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