Today was another in a long-line of phrases uttered by my children when I wonder, “Where’d they get that…oh yeah, from me”.

Enjoying our Mardi Gras break, the four of us went to the mall, as Sam had some eleventh birthday money, and something he wanted to spend it on. The boys and I were in one store, Amy went into J.C. Penney. We got done, went to find mom, and while roaming the women’s department Sam asked why we were looking for her there. I thought that he had understood that would be where she was heading when she left us at the video game store. Will piped in that I had told him that, but not Sam. I apologized for not letting Sam in on the itinerary.

Sam replied, “Well, thanks for sharing THAT little tidbit of information”.

That is one of my little catch phrases that I had never heard him use before.

Fourteen year old Will has used that a time or two, along with a few other favorites from the family: “Your WHAT hurts”? comes readily to mind as a regular rejoinder.

When daughter Lindsay, now 25, was in high school, she got a job working at a video store. One afternoon, as she was stocking videos on a remote shelf, the store phone rang. Popping up above the shelf, she reflexively hollered a favorite line still used in our household:

“Somebody get that – it MIGHT be a phone call”!

The store was filled with co-workers and customers who all stopped and stared at her. Eventually, the phone was presumably answered.

Never a one-trick-pony, she once startled a high-school classmate who she was riding in a car with by yelling at the stationary vehicle in front of them, which didn’t move as the light turned to their favor:

“Hey, buddy! Only ONE shade of green in this town”!

That one we can at least credit to my late father as a legitimate family verbiage heirloom. Same with picking up the phone and saying, “It’s your dime – start talking”! which Lindsay has also been known to utter on occasion. That one, of course, has far outlived its usefulness in terms of monetary value and antiquated communication techniques.

Another holdover phrase from her youth is one Lindsay uses quite regularly in verbal form, but also as an exclamation of excitement on Facebook: “Yahoozle”!

Loosely translated, that means ‘yippee’ or ‘oh boy’ in Luckerspeak. I always enjoy seeing that one posted on-line, as she takes tradition into an entirely contemporary realm, making it her own.

The great thing about the word ‘yahoozle’ is its verbal flexibility; said with the proper inflection of pure excitement, the message (if not the word itself) is contagious. However, if so needed, a little twist on syllabic emphasis, or simply dragging out one of the first two, turns it into quirky sarcasm; “Yaaaaa-hoozle” can sure deflate an emotional balloon.

Lindsay is a master at all forms of yahoozle usage.

There is one more phrase that Lindsay says she has used from time, which is humorous to me, because I used it on here for a number of years before she finally asked me to explain it. As a single dad, it was an all-purpose, meaning-laden sign-off to most every personal visit or a phone conversation. I always tried to end our time together by telling Lindsay – “Be good…or at least be prompt”!

I consider that the Lucker family version of ‘carpe diem’.

All together now: “Thanks for sharing that little tidbit of information”.


One thought on “Hand-me-downs

  1. Rachel February 18, 2010 / 9:48 am

    Thanks for explaining all the different words you & your kids use, they are all a ‘chip’ off your ‘old block’! 🙂 Now it all makes sense!!! Thanks!


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