I am relaxed, settling in comfortably,
hands folded on lap, 30,000 feet above
the Mississippi Delta headed north,
leaving New Orleans; St. Louis bound

Preferred window seat shows
flame-streaked horizon far as can
be seen, emanating from the blazing
orange ball perched precariously on the
western edge of fading day

fixating; streaking northward as
the sun slips slowly lower, now slightly
behind us, just a roaring half-circle wobbling
on the gently curving western horizon

Never before have I so fully watched
a days fading.

We fly on through dissolving cloud wisps;
the sun now just a small bump; the middle
of a flickering, flat-line ribbon of brilliant
red and orange, delineating sky from earth,
the robust edginess of night from fading day

Unannounced, not anticipated answers
I had been seeking for questions long
stashed away suddenly take full form;

clarity blossoming in the flickering,
dying flame of this day.

Quickly, softly, completely;
a peace I have not known previously
settles in. I lean back, reclining my seat
as the light slips away; darkness enveloping
the outer world, illuminating that within.

Flying now into the blue darkness,
never before have I seen things
so clearly.


2 thoughts on “Ephiphany

  1. daimlergunrow March 7, 2010 / 2:05 pm

    I like this. I’ve had this precise feeling before too, on planes and on train rides. It’s my favourite thing about traveling. You’ve captured it well. It’s amazing how much a simple visual can effect the mind, isn’t it?

    Imagine being that first person who saw the Earth from orbit. Imagine how sobering and illuminating that would have been…


  2. slpmartin March 7, 2010 / 6:30 pm

    An excellent poem…there’s someting about when you’re seperated from the earth that seems to foster “ephiphanies”…I often find it easier to write at such times….really enjoyed this poem.


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