Congregating Today at the High Church of Baseball

Awed by the spectacle, blissfully
confused as to the meaning of it all
still confirmed in the mystical faith as
a wide-eyed youth; spiritual pageantry
of the opening homily, crowd initially
vibrant, bowed in reverence, people
singing along with the opening hymn
of allegiance- many know all the words.

From your first opening day, you were
given all the answers – yet told to find
your own way, so you tried discernment;
unsure, wavering – a loyal, true believer
even on frustrating days when you were
out, ‘for good’!

Empty threats, all.

Then came that one still sweetly recalled
summer you prayerfully answered the call,
took final vows, and in seven -won it all.

Long ordained, now a consecrated regular;
stately, charismatic, colorful garments
sweat-blotched, brimmed woolen miter
presiding from sun-soaked, box pew as lead
player provocateur – sitting, standing,
exultantly cheering ‘Hallelujah!’
(loosely translated)

Plastic chalice, communion potable ice cold;
Eucharistic celebration by intinction; steamy,
condiment slathered, tubular sustenance –
unity bread feeding heart, soul, head.

Pipe organ crescendos punctuate the liturgy
opportunistically; the crowd alternately stands in
joyful anticipation, sits back down in veneration.

Ritualistic, solemn, sacramental. Reverential.
Exuberance reverberating long after the final out.

Amen. “Play ball!”


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