I should’ve had a V-8

Afternoon rush-hour, cruising to a stop at a busy,
five-lane, urban intersection – The Beach Boys bounce
to younger life on the radio; Little Deuce Coupe
cranks up as the light bursts to starting-line green
…you don’t know what I’ve got…

Reflexively inspired, I grab the red-knob top of my
Coca-Cola bottle, slamming it down into rubber-
rimmed, console-cup-holder first gear, peeling from
the crosswalk start line with a yelp of rubber
…well I’m not braggin’ babe so don’t put me down..

Zero-to-20 in nothing flat; my sleek, midnight-blue
mini-van leaps into second with a knock; third with a shrill
whine…if I had a set of wings man, I know she could fly…

The Coke begins frothing at fourth gear, ready to blow
its red-cap, plastic gasket off at its imagined fifth… a block
ahead now of my nearest competitor – same stock van,
mundane pea green – rapidly fading in my rearview,
turning into a Burger King

I’m now at full Coke-throttle as the line approaches;
victorious, letting up on the gas and the Coke, I coast
across the painted white stripe as the new light goes to
yellow … you don’t know what I got

I make a slow right turn…she’s my little deuce coupe…
gliding triumphantly into grocery store parking lot
victory lane, I ease up to a concrete bumper, rev the
engine just for show, as my heart races, pulse pounds
she’ll do a hundred and forty with the top end floored…

The foam of my Coca-Cola begins to subside, along with
my breathing, as my shift-bottle rests in neutral…
she’s my little deuce coupe…you don’t know what I got…
little deuce coupe…

the ‘Boys are in full harmony as I kill the engine, remove
the key, adjust my sunglasses, step out triumphantly
into the summer sun.


One thought on “I should’ve had a V-8

  1. Craig April 25, 2010 / 6:12 am

    Not bad for a guy who only now lives anywhere near a beach.

    Whenever I try the same thing, the coke always spills and I usually get pulled over!


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