Metaphorgetmenots, too.

I have frequently taken umbrage
but always put it back securely,
right where I found it

In my day I have ruffled some
feathers, stuffed more than
a few pillows with them,
been told to ‘stuff it’ myself

Rarely have I pulled a punch but
have usually rolled with those
flung in my direction; still,
I have been punch-drunk,
drank it all in and gone all in,
done my best to take it all in.

I have been told I’m hip, been
known to shoot from the hip
gotten a leg up and told –
many times – to ‘break a leg’

Yet here I am, still
alive and kicking.

I have run the gamut, walked
the line – crossed it purposefully
many, many a time

Simile me; you already knew
all of that stuff.


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