Friday BOGO! One day only!

It’s not often that I get bargains like this; two great set up lines in the same fifteen-second student interaction.

During a first-hour planning period, a sophomore girl I am familiar with comes in, doesn’t say a word to me, plunks herself down at one of the classroom computers and begins to get on the Internet. I said, “Uhhh…hello”? With eyes not leaving the monitor screen, she replies, testily, “Mister, I’m just in here until my teacher gets here. He aint here yet so here I am”!

The girl is one of the school’s roamers – gets up and takes off at will, especially when there is a sub in the room; it’s just what she does. There is, apparently, no cure for her affliction. I step to the door and glance across the hall to where I had seen her standing a few minutes before. Her teacher was indeed not here yet.

A few minutes pass silently, when I hear some talking in the hall; it seems as if her teacher as finally arrived, yet she continues trying to bypass the district Internet filters – the flashing-red ‘WARNING! Restricted site!’ admonitions notwithstanding. I am trying to be subtle, and not confrontational as that has historically been the best approach with this young woman. “I think your teacher is here” I said cheerfully.

“Mister”! She snaps, “You don’t even know who my teacher is! So how can you know if he is here or not”! Her eyes remain glued to the screen as she has just bypassed cyber sentry software and made it to MySpace.

I try the subtlety route again. “I’m just thinking since is past eight o’clock, you should probably head to your class”. No response. “I said, I think you should probably be in your class now…not in here”.

“Mister”! Her usually husky female voice is shrill. “If you want me out of here, all you got to say is ‘get out’”!

I shrug. “Okay…get out”.

The girl stands up, glares at me, grabs her bag, begins stomping toward the door, adding – quite haughtily – “I don’t stay anyplace where I am not wanted”!

“You don’t stay anyplace where you are wanted”!

She pauses only a moment, glares at me again. With a final ‘harumph’ she walks stiffly out the door and across the hall.

I can never pass up a good sale.


One thought on “Friday BOGO! One day only!

  1. Lillian Iverson May 9, 2010 / 12:31 pm

    Good come-back, Mark!


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