Looking in the mirror
I see all the faces –
a lifetime in midstream

Sometimes the picture is
a group portrait; staged
formality that doesn’t fit

other days are more honest,
candid-shot mornings – the
real me, the one I recognize

Some days I’m alone in a
distorted panorama, everyone
crowded together, not all of us
fitting in the frame but the
picture is snapped anyway.

Looking in the mirror I see
the faces of the I’s that were
the me’s that I am today, a
Kodachrome pastiche of the
somebodys I still want to be


At times they all come together
in the same montage and were
it not for the mesmerizing eyes
I wouldn’t recognize a soul.


2 thoughts on “Refraction

  1. Pearl Nelson June 3, 2010 / 10:26 am

    This is so thoughtful and introspective. I really have enjoyed reading it and wondering about it.

    Good stuff.



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