With bemusement
bordering on ingrown
toenail discomfort
I watch my peers wobbly
trampling their myriad
chronological benchmarks
categorized ever-so-blithely
and erroneously as ‘middle age’.

We are older, certainly wiser?

What, when, why, how still the
great mysteries – though less
angsty then in our youth –
at least on the surface.

‘We’ and ‘us’ don’t predominate;
cliques are out – unless you don’t
disagree with each other’s political
harangues and hero worship.

‘I’ and ‘them’ have become prideful
accusations we throw like confetti;
paradoxically, we are much too
individualistic to ever again be
a viable majority.

We sprang from the womb of
Camelot; cut our teeth on televised
assassinations, moonwalks, riots,
‘third rate burglaries’ and now
everything is tawdry

Our generational pre-occupation
with celebrity and public scandal,
self-pity, moralizing tsk-tsking
perplexes us whenever we look
– really look- in a mirror.

It aint always pretty.


One thought on “Generational

  1. slpmartin June 7, 2010 / 9:56 am

    Your opening lines was a real treat as was the whole poem….I can identify with your characterization of the generation…just a brilliant piece.


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