It is no longer a simple
choice to run away,
join the circus; you need
to speak to their recruiter –
so says their website.

French Foreign Legion?
I have none of the
technical skills they seek
and they have long since
discontinued their way cool,
stolen hotel-towel hats

Even side-show carnies
know their I-9 etiquette,
urbanely quote OSHA regs
conversationally and will
e-mail you a rejection note
to your posted resume

Escape isn’t quite what it
used to be – but then,
neither is confinement.


3 thoughts on “Progress?

  1. slpmartin June 26, 2010 / 11:34 am

    Ah…this was such a delight to read…it is wry and witty….I laugh out loud as I read it….thanks ever so much for this poem!


  2. Your Prom Date's Husband June 27, 2010 / 8:16 pm

    Good poem, but I have a few notes:

    1. According to their web site, the Légion étrangère still has the hats:
    > The White Kepi
    > Officially part of the uniform since July 19, 1939, it was first worn in
    > Africa as a kepi cover, with an added neck-protection against the
    > hot sun.

    2. The good news is that you probably one of the technical specialties they seek:
    > Signals: radio or mechanic-exchange operator

    3. However, their requirements do include the requirement that you:
    > be between the age of 17 and 40 years old



    • poetluckerate June 27, 2010 / 10:56 pm

      Ummm…thanks for the….uh, research? You should find a hobby…


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