Picasso Bunyan (Campfire poem #12)

A poet friend goes to
the northwoods
only after stopping at
the hardware store
for paint-chip color
card provisions

holding them up to
whatever thing of
nature he is writing of
he then tries to be
Crayola literate
in pseudo-verse

Sitting by a campfire
gazing at a glassy sky
full of stars framed by
towering pines and pitch
blue hued night blackness
I need no cardboard
thesaurus, knowing full
well ‘damn fabulous
spectacular blue’
when I see it

A shade, I might add,
Hardware Hank doesn’t
even carry.


One thought on “Picasso Bunyan (Campfire poem #12)

  1. ladyg83 August 15, 2010 / 7:23 am

    ‘damn fabulous
    spectacular blue’- I nominate this as a color choice! Thanks for the great imagery!


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