Top 11 Observations from Week One of Now Having Two Dogs in The House

11. Sweeping the floors is now an every-other-day event. At least every other day

10. ‘Apollo Oh-no!’ When the floors are hardwood like ours, and you come in the front door, and the dogs come barreling in from the back of the house to greet you, the turn they need to make around the dining room table and towards the front door has them looking like winter olympic speed skaters in the curves on the short track.

9. I an elevated house with three feet of open crawl space beneath it, the resulting sound of two crazeddogs galloping from one end of it to the other sounds a lot like a spooked team of horses pulling a conastoga wagon over a rickety Oregon Trail bridge

8. New arrival Sadie (the big, flop around dog) likes old school R&B; when I am on the computer, and playing my favorite YouTube 6o’s mix as background, ‘Everybody Plays the Fool’ by the Main Ingredient gets the slumbering behemoth’s ears and head twitching – pretty much to the beat of the song. The only song she really reacts strongly to – every time it plays.

7. Original top-dog Lucy (hyper rat-terrier extraordinaire) still prefers the early part of the mix, favoring the Partridge Family, Cowsills and Bobby Sherman opening trifecta – then she retreats to her kennel as things get a little more hard-core.

6. Observations #7 and #8 seem to fit the respective canine’s personalities; mellow and playing it cool and AIDHD (Always Immediately Distracted Hyperactive Dog) teeny-bopper-oh-my-gosh-I-love-this-song-play-some-more-teen-idol-music-willya?

5. Backyard ‘poop patrol’ duty is a bigger deal than it used to be. In every way ‘bigger deal’ can be a…bigger deal.

4. Walking a 16 pound dog and 51 pound dog simultaneously is not as easy as it looks

3. Walking a 16 pound dog and 51 pound dog simultaneously gets you more waves and shouted ‘Hey theres!’ from neighbors and passers-by in cars than just walking a single dog

2. Every dog deserves to have two attentive boys to call their own, and blessed are those that get them. Same holds true for boys.

And the number one thing we have learned…there is plenty of love and affection to go around and be shared with and from two really cool family canines.


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