Quash the squash

We had stir-fry for dinner the other night – with a bit of a new twist; we added some sliced squash to our usual chicken-vegetable combo.

I still don’t like squash.

In this particular instance, nobody really did. As they were fairly large and distinctive, they were easy to pick out from the cauliflower, broccoli, carrots and chicken. Dinner was going smoothly for the four of us, until I made mention of the confirmation of my dislike of squash:

“Goes to what I’ve been saying for years, ‘I never eat food that is also a verb’” I stated with conviction.

Sam, our seventh grader, quickly cocked an eyebrow and looked at me suspiciously. “So then why are you eating chicken?”


“Do you really say that – that you don’t eat food that is also a verb?” he continued “…because you eat a lot of foods that are verbs.”

“Yes, I have said that. Mostly in regard to squash and peas” seeing the look in Sam’s eye, I quickly added “but I suppose there are exceptions to every rule.”

“And what about rolls?” Sam was on a roll. ” What about the ribs we had last night? You know, you can rib people. You roll stuff. If you’ve really been saying you don’t eat foods that are also verbs, there is a lot of stuff you shouldn’t be eating.” He continued with his dinner, wearing a smirk of victory.

“That’s right, and what about getting in a pickle” interjected my wife, pseudo-helpfully.

“You do love pickles, dad, and we all like Spam” added Sam. Meanwhile, fifteen year old Will just shook his head and kept on chowing down.

“Got any more of these or would that just be egging you on?” I replied, dryly.

“You’re eating chicken right now. And you do fix steak once in a while.”

“Okay, I see your point. We’re really milking this. Maybe I should just change my saying to ‘I never eat a vegetable that is also a verb.”

“I think so.”

The following night at dinner, the food conversation was briefer.

“Hey, Sam! Did you realize that ‘verb’ is a noun, and…?”

“Yes dad” he said with obvious disdain, “everyone knows that.”

I still don’t like squash.  And some other vegetables.


One thought on “Quash the squash

  1. kayroseland September 17, 2011 / 9:50 am

    Try squash baked in oven with applesauce and sausages..


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