Sometimes we list while shopping

New Orleans offers ample opportunity for St. Patrick’s Day weekend revelry – no big surprise. But for those of us of the middle age persuasion who no longer fit the party animal designation, there are other, viable (and cheaper) options via which to get our ‘party on’.

cartsLike grocery store-hopping.

Today I was out and about, and I needed to swing into the grocery store for a few items, so I swung into a Rouses Market I don’t normally frequent, simply because it was handy. As usual, I entered through produce, and had to go through the liquor/beer/wine department on my way to frozen foods. While I was making my innocent swing through libation land I was accosted by the sampling ladies.

Attractive, personable women with the souls of carnival barkers small tables were strategically stationed along main aisles and offering up regulation shot glass size samples of Bushmill’s Irish whiskey, three types of Guinness beer and ale, and Bailey’s Irish Cream – all of which are on special this weekend, of course. This extended my five-minute quick in/quick out by a few minutes, as I was engaged in a couple of amiable product-virtues conversations with the aforementioned sample ladies.

Besides, it seems impolite simply to chug-and-run.

It isn’t just at Rouses that I have encountered this holiday weekend phenomenon, as Winn-Dixie offers the same holiday themed samplingsampling opportunities. The days before Christmas were a bonanza of egg nog and flavored rum variations.

It occurred to me that I had written of a similar experience last summer and I had, in a Facebook post:

“I just got done with the pre-July 4th family grocery shopping excursion and must say it was quite busy and…festive. Got most everything on the list and enjoyed most of the samples. The margarita mix was good as was the tequila. Tried five of the eight available wines; one of the reds was particularly boring. Of the two rums, the citrus was very tasty. Also tried both vodkas, which took a little longer as there was a chatty-lady survey involved, but she valued my feedback and asked for more detail. For the record, the cherry vodka was very good, the sweet tea vodka…not so much.

With any luck, Amy will discover she forgot to have me get something and I may have to go back to Winn-Dixie to get it….”

bagSo if you are ever in our town over a holiday – any holiday – party on. And don’t forget the milk and eggs. Or you’ll have to go back to get ’em. Maybe even in separate trips. To different stores.

It’s just something else to love about New Orleans: you can go grocery shopping and be half in-the-bag long before anybody gets a chance to ask, “Paper, or plastic”?


2 thoughts on “Sometimes we list while shopping

  1. Mark Preston March 16, 2013 / 5:19 pm

    In college, we go “Bar Hopping” , in middle age, we “Grocery Store Strolling”.


    • poetluckerate March 17, 2013 / 8:58 am

      You, maybe…I don’t often ‘stroll’. Saunter, meander, wander, maybe,,,but no strolling.


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