Do you know what it means, to teach New Orleans?

This is it.

For eight school years, my wife Amy and I have been teaching in the public schools of New Orleans. People that have known us for a long time know the basics of the how-and-why we chucked comfortable, corporate life in Minnesota for the chaos and poverty of the inner city classrooms of New Orleans. But even those who know us best will probably be surprised by some of the how’s and why’s. If you have been with us the entire journey, here are all the tales, in chronological order, that begin with the gestation of some vague ideas about ‘doing something more meaningful with our lives’ into the life we have been living the past seven-plus years. For those of you who don’t know much of our story at all, here it is.

Many of the stories appeared originally in this blog, many have not. Now, if you have ever read a post or two and wondered about the whole story. here it is in a compelling narrative.

And for everyone who exclaimed, with each new classroom tragedy, comedy or farce we relayed, “Hey, you should write a book!”

Here it is.

Do you know what it means, to teach New Orleans? Available in paperback and Kindle versions.

FNT CVR v 77 B

Poverty, violence, neglect – not ideal backdrops for learning…at least if you’re a student. In 2008, Mark and Amy Lucker left their corporate lives in Minnesota and followed their faith and hearts to become teachers in New Orleans, joining the effort to help rebuild one of the worst public school systems in America, post hurricane Katrina. Do you know what it means, to teach New Orleans? is an intimate, first-hand, up close look on what made two people answer a calling, those who helped make it a reality, and many of the unforgettable characters and situations that have graced their lives over the past eight years. At times sobering, always thought-provoking; tales of school children that are funny, poignant, sad – often in the same anecdote. A must read for educators, and those who try to live out their faith and lives in practical, tangible ways.



One thought on “Do you know what it means, to teach New Orleans?

  1. Steve Chirpich December 12, 2015 / 7:31 pm

    Mark is a gifted writer who has a talent for relating his experiences and sharing personal insights. He has a knack for describing reality and the ironies and absudities involved, without embellishing. Not everyone will have the priviledge of knowing him personally and as a friend, so this book is the next best opportunity to “know Mark” and his unique life experiences.
    I really look forward to reading his book!

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