Royally misunderstood

Royally misunderstood

Lots of hand-wringing and consternation about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex ‘stepping back’ from royal duties and relocating to ‘North America’ and most all of the vitriol is directed at Meghan Markle, the commoner, who has been the target of all sorts of vile, racist, reporting about her parentage and past.

While I am sure that misogynist and racist rubbish certainly helps fuel their desire to leave, I believe it is Harry who wants out, and I am willing to bet he has had this as part of his plan from the moment he proposed to Miss Markle.


For the same reasons millions of European men emigrated to the United States and Canada over the past two-centuries: as a second-born son, he aint diddly squat.

I need look no further than my Norwegian grandfather, who emigrated here in the 1920s after time in the Norwegian Merchant Marines. As the second born son of a family, he had no inheritance rights, nothing worth sticking around for. America promised opportunity, and he grabbed it.  Not that he had many other options; his older brother had everything, including a family business, leaving my grandfather with very limited options.

It’s all about primogeniture, kids – the right, by law or custom, of the firstborn legitimate son to inherit his parent’s entire estate in preference to shared inheritance among all or some children, any illegitimate child or any collateral relative. (Love that phrase – collateral relative.) In plain contexts it means the prescribed custom and/or law of inheritance of the firstborn child (absolute primogeniture) or the firstborn daughter (matrilineal primogeniture) inheriting all. 

Over the past few centuries primogeniture led to much of the mass emigration that grew America into what it is now.  Why stick around when you know you have nothing coming your way except playing second (or third, or fourth) fiddle to your older brother or sister (and THEIR offspring) your entire life. Want to be an uncle who is beholden to nephews still in plastic pants? Hell, read any Shakespeare or history book to see what sort of carnage erupts when people realize they are nothing in the family hierarchy due only to birth order.

I’ll bet it’s Harry that wants out, and has for a long time.

Personally, as little as this whole ‘royals want out’ kerfuffle means to me personally, I admire Meghan and Harry for their approach to life, bucking convention, charting their own course, and their charity work.  I think they would fit in quite nicely here in my hometown Twin Cities, and the media here is a lot less snooty and nasty than in Britain, and the cultural opportunities are top-notch. Plus. Minnesota also boasts one of the top Renaissance festivals in the country.

I would love to have them as neighbors.

With Ms. Markle being an American citizen, getting Prince Harry a green card should be fairly straightforward matter. Of course, having them jump into community involvement would be a natural fit, and I am sure that they would quickly rise to leadership roles in whatever they chose to do. On a practical level, it would be a shame to let all of that management training and experience go to waste.  Sure, running an NGO or even a corporation isn’t like governing an entire country, but as a former employment counselor, I am a big fan of transferrable skills.

Wait. Ms. Markle is an American citizen. She is thirty-eight years old, charismatic, leadership abilities, classy, dignified…a spouse with all of that, too.

Markle 2020. Now it makes even more sense.

Think of what fun it would be to have them in the White House – take that, you Brits with your ‘ungrateful colonials’ shtick. 

Markle 2020. I like it.

Meghan and Harry; I’m setting up your Zillow account now. Please call me.

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