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First letter to a new grandson

Eight years later?  The self-rejoinder - coming soon to this space.  11/17/11 Dear Felix: First off, let me welcome you to this wild, wonderful world. Yeah, it has issues – always has and always will. Maybe as time goes by, you’ll be one of the ones fixing the problems. Still, it’s a great place to hang … Continue reading First letter to a new grandson

Making my best pitch

Making my best pitch

I have a dead file, and it is in need of its annual updating. The file dangles in the front of our family filing cabinet, a red hanging folder filled with all of the important stuff my family will need for when I depart this mortal coil: the songs I want played, the songs I wish … Continue reading Making my best pitch

First letter to a new grandson

It's hard to believe it has been four years since I first penned the missive below.  But it has been. My grandson Felix turns four on Tuesday. In looking back over my initial thoughts at this wondrous event...well, not much has changed. Except everything has.  All for the good. Time flies, and flying with Felix? … Continue reading First letter to a new grandson

This will soon be old hat

I am feeling rather old-world these days. Not OLD, mind you, but old world. My twenty-seven-month-old grandson Felix has taken to calling me ‘Papa.’ He calls his other grandpa ‘Papa’ as well, though he does differentiate between the two of us by referring to my wife and I as “Papa and Gigi’ – Gigi being … Continue reading This will soon be old hat

Kids these days

You just never know how my students are going to react. The new semester began this past week, and I have two completely new sets of senior English students to deal with and hybrid speech class of holdovers and newcomers. I like the freshness of two new classes – especially since this is the final … Continue reading Kids these days

Memories of Christmas Present, Cheerful Ghosts of Christmas Past

The Sunday before Christmas found me in a shopping mall in Rochester, Minnesota, waiting in line with my grandson Felix, aged two, to have a picture taken with Santa. We were there with his mom (my daughter) and his dad, and my wife Amy, plus my sons Will and Sam – Felix’s eighteen and fifteen … Continue reading Memories of Christmas Present, Cheerful Ghosts of Christmas Past

Oh, The Places He Took Us!

The past few days I have noticed a lot of Facebook posts celebrating Dr. Seuss on what would have been his 109th birthday. Being an aficionado of the good doctor, I join in the commemorations. In the numerous Seuss references, one thing puzzled me; so many of the tributes I saw mentioned Horton Hears a … Continue reading Oh, The Places He Took Us!

Firsts and Foremosts

Quite an eventful week around the ol’ Lucker Hacienda. The excitement began last Saturday evening with the arrival in New Orleans of grandson Felix, all the way from Minnesota – with his mom and dad in tow, of course. Saturday also happened to be the lad’s first birthday, though his arrival was more a gift … Continue reading Firsts and Foremosts

Synonym or Symptom

Pet phrases. Most of us have at least a few family idioms; odd turns of phrase they use on a regular basis due to the fact that they have been indelibly imprinted on the brains of said family members. Usually, these expressions are frequently uttered without conscious thought or awareness of the speaker. Use of … Continue reading Synonym or Symptom

Santa Thoughts for a Grandson’s First Christmas

Yes, Felix - there is a Santa Claus. Or in the case of the Family Lucker, there are numerous Santas.  Not to mention a pervasive spirit of Santa Claus and what he represents. In the late 1800's, a young girl named Virginia wrote to New York newspaper editor Francis Church asking 'if there really was a … Continue reading Santa Thoughts for a Grandson’s First Christmas