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‘Kids, don’t try this at home. Again.’ A Valentine vignette

‘Kids, don’t try this at home. Again.’ A Valentine vignette

We were young, we were broke….we were living in rural Iowa, for cryin' out loud. My roommate Jim had a girlfriend, and one Friday night he was going to impress her with a nice, home cooked meal and an evening of romance. This necessitated me finding somewhere else to be for the night, which was … Continue reading ‘Kids, don’t try this at home. Again.’ A Valentine vignette

To absent friends

To absent friends

 “I miss my friends tonight, their faces shine for me, The clamor of their singing like some mad calliope. Still ringing through the Lion's Head until the morning light, comedians and angels, I miss my friends tonight...                                     … Continue reading To absent friends

Had a ball, to a tee

Baseball is prominent in Lucker family lore: my wife and I come from families of ardent baseball fans, and we met in the summer of 1991 - our dating life was intertwined with the World Series run and eventual championship of our hometown Minnesota Twins. The following summer we were married, had a baseball-themed reception, … Continue reading Had a ball, to a tee


Old habits of youth die hard, but are easily resurrected. It is July; the heat of the summer of my fifty-fifth year and I am walking along a northern Minnesota country road much as I did nearly a half-century ago. As I walk, my attention centers on the gravel at my feet, though I alternately … Continue reading Backroads


I just finished writing and sending an email to an old friend. Though we haven’t seen each other in a number of years, modern technology has negated much of the distance and filled in the gaps; email and blogs were not part of the lexicon when Keith and I first met and cellphones were still … Continue reading Tabulating

A young musician comes to town

Last week some friends of ours from Minnesota came to New Orleans for a visit. Ed, Roberta and their fifteen-year old son Thomas use their fall break every year to take in someplace different - this year, New Orleans was their destination. Ed and Roberta had been here previously, Thomas had not – though the … Continue reading A young musician comes to town

Aged to perfection

I felt like such a grown up Friday night. I’m fifty-two years old, but that’s how I felt spending time with an old friend talking into the wee hours of a July Saturday morning. My friend Mark lives in Lexington, Kentucky, and graciously opened his home to my wife, two sons and I for an … Continue reading Aged to perfection