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Dinner with my Valentine; wine and Sinatra Fine haiku-be-do-be-do – Mark L. Lucker © 2018

The Legend of Home Plato, Baseball Philosopher

“Opening day of baseball season is like the first night of your honeymoon. Once that first pitch smacks into the glove, everything and anything is possible. Plus, you get to live it all over three, four, five times or more that day and you goo to sleep smiling” -Home Plato, Baseball Philosopher It is that … Continue reading The Legend of Home Plato, Baseball Philosopher

For those who aren’t familiar with my poetry

My first writing love is poetry. Please check out my poetry blog, Ponderable polemics, poetic at I have recently posted a brand new piece about the end of summer. Timely enough. I hope you enjoy it, and anything else you find there.

Eternal spring

“You see, you spend a good piece of your life gripping a baseball, and in the end it turns out that it was the other way around all the time.” – Former major leaguer & Author Jim Bouton Life is a scorecard; an encrypted story in exotic-to-the-unwashed hieroglyphs, easily and quickly translated by those versed in … Continue reading Eternal spring

A little something for Christmas from my poetry blog

I hope you enjoy it. Merry Christmas!

Somedays, a regular blog-read just won’t do it.

Thats when you can check out my recently-migrated-to-WordPress poetry blog. All poetry, all the time.

Culture shocks

The ‘Beat Generation’ now needs a pacemaker; they can still Howl – but it’s mostly in discomfort Hippies now take a drag, teeter on artificial joints Peace, love, rock-and-roll? Viagra, naps, Metamucil Culture they unleashed now subjected to leash laws yet I admire their restraint in not pandering to regret


Graduation from high school meant moving on, getting on with life, trying something new somewhere else – leaving Graduation gifts were practical to the situation; a typewriter, a briefcase, cash, sage advice… a contradictory set of luggage, gifted by mom and dad. Not wanting me to go, knowing I must; wary, hopeful, resigned questioning all … Continue reading Portability

First Love

The young ballplayer drags his bat to the plate, leaving a neat, shallow furrow in the dirt in which the seeds of success are now sown; there is purpose to his gait, no fear. He is resolute. He practice swings the bat in a warped, pendulum loop while his oversized, red plastic helmet acts a … Continue reading First Love

Bartender genome

Sitting alone at a bar downing a row of tequila shots will earn you something… from across the bar; griping rights, pour-out-your-heart privileges – at the very least a knowing wink, acknowledging smile, tacit agreement, a nod. Sitting by yourself at Starbucks counter throwing back espresso shots while clicking away on a laptop gets you … Continue reading Bartender genome