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And the Band (Or at Least the Piano Player) Played On

Friday evening, with out-of-town visitors, part of a small crowd enjoying the 4-to-6 P.M. set at the Spotted Cat Music Club in New Orleans; solo piano player banging out a dandy and wide array of ragtime, standards and some great stuff I can’t even classify. Our visitors (and us) enjoying the music and the moment. … Continue reading And the Band (Or at Least the Piano Player) Played On

Bartender genome

Sitting alone at a bar downing a row of tequila shots will earn you something… from across the bar; griping rights, pour-out-your-heart privileges – at the very least a knowing wink, acknowledging smile, tacit agreement, a nod. Sitting by yourself at Starbucks counter throwing back espresso shots while clicking away on a laptop gets you … Continue reading Bartender genome

Brandi; rocks

She played tambourine with all the musical finesse of a collapsing supermarket pyramid of canned peaches watching her writhe songs – eyes closed, soul lost in odd spiritual chords; pop bel-canto beat unheard by anyone else one couldn’t help but think this was one helluva band to just sit and watch with awe even if - like … Continue reading Brandi; rocks