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Everything is on the table

Our kitchen table is an heirloom in training. Sitting alone at this table with open notebook, a pen, and a fresh cup of coffee in the early morning light of day I can, with an angular glance, see the extensive preparation and practice for remembrance that it has already put in. At a mere sixteen-years, … Continue reading Everything is on the table

Disguised as good ideas

Disguised as good ideas

It is Halloween season, and as always, I hope to be invited to a costume party.  So far, my mailbox remains Charlie-Brown-on-Valentine's-Day empty, but I am hopeful. Being a positive-thinking, proactive kind of guy, some costume ideas are definitely in order so I am not caught totally off guard - though the thought that, should … Continue reading Disguised as good ideas

Kids these days

You just never know how my students are going to react. The new semester began this past week, and I have two completely new sets of senior English students to deal with and hybrid speech class of holdovers and newcomers. I like the freshness of two new classes – especially since this is the final … Continue reading Kids these days

Firsts and Foremosts

Quite an eventful week around the ol’ Lucker Hacienda. The excitement began last Saturday evening with the arrival in New Orleans of grandson Felix, all the way from Minnesota – with his mom and dad in tow, of course. Saturday also happened to be the lad’s first birthday, though his arrival was more a gift … Continue reading Firsts and Foremosts

Hard to disguise

For like only, ummm….maybe the third time in my adult life, I am invited to a Halloween costume party. A real, honest-to-goodness, grown-up, sophisticated-folks costume party. Ahh, what to wear, what to wear? A colleague of mine, Ms. Smith*, is throwing this little soiree, and extended the invite to my wife and I verbally a … Continue reading Hard to disguise

“Yes, we have no bananas”. But we do have the trees.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HygopC4S5W0    I am always on the lookout for good deals, and while driving around New Orleans one early August Sunday, I spied a potted palm tree sitting on a curb with a sign that said ‘Free Banana Palm.’ Deals don’t get much better than that. A palm tree to decorate for Christmas is something my … Continue reading “Yes, we have no bananas”. But we do have the trees.

Not Isaactly what we had in mind

For the record: We are not on hurrication. We moved to New Orleans in 2008, and two months later were faced with evacuation because of hurricane Gustav. A few of my new coworkers used the term ‘hurrication’ to describe the situation, and were immediately taken to task by others who found the term offensive, as … Continue reading Not Isaactly what we had in mind