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Kids these days

You just never know how my students are going to react. The new semester began this past week, and I have two completely new sets of senior English students to deal with and hybrid speech class of holdovers and newcomers. I like the freshness of two new classes – especially since this is the final … Continue reading Kids these days

“E.T. phoooooooone hooooome….”

Your word of the day, as it was for my two senior English classes on Friday, is 'nomophobia.' Nomophobia is the fear of not having mobile phone connectivity. Though I am no clinician or diagnostician, I am a high school English teacher. My students are indeed afflicted with nomophobia; you would think, sans their phones, … Continue reading “E.T. phoooooooone hooooome….”


A rip-roaring morning start to a pretty good all-around day in room 261 Start of second period, first class of the day. Bell has rung, my senior English students are working on their daily ‘Do Now’ journal. The lights are off (as usual) so they can see the on-screen writing prompt. I am standing behind … Continue reading Erudite