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A Teacher’s Summer on the Road; Episode 2

A Teacher’s Summer on the Road; Episode 2

Editors note 08/05/2020: A little something from the Marchives.  I wrote this some six years ago, and today I ran across it again. Interesting to note how times have changed, and how two worlds (business, teaching) I once thought so dissimilar are now decidedly...not.  Random (like the weather) thoughts. Tattoos are all the rage.  Personally, … Continue reading A Teacher’s Summer on the Road; Episode 2

Disguised as good ideas

Disguised as good ideas

It is Halloween season, and as always, I hope to be invited to a costume party.  So far, my mailbox remains Charlie-Brown-on-Valentine's-Day empty, but I am hopeful. Being a positive-thinking, proactive kind of guy, some costume ideas are definitely in order so I am not caught totally off guard - though the thought that, should … Continue reading Disguised as good ideas

“Burn, baby burn…”

Dr. Paul Ton, my high school history teacher, and one of my all-time favorite teachers, had a highly effective, piercing stare, and when a class was disrupted by something going on in the hallway he could really crank it up, and add a verbal whammy: at said upheaval, he would slowly turn his icy glare … Continue reading “Burn, baby burn…”

Ya buy ’em books…

An elementary school I drive by daily is emblazoned with signs announcing their ongoing book fair, and I will admit to a bit of nostalgia.  An only child, books were my constant companions, and book fair time at Horace Mann Elementary in Minneapolis meant my usually-not-overly-indulgent parents were willing to drop a few bucks at … Continue reading Ya buy ’em books…


Faded are July’s warmth, summer’s cheers. Supplanted now by sundry, encroaching hints of cooler days; forgotten expectations, procrastinated chores now mothballed, he can only now muse without dwelling on what won’t be. Could-have-beens and maybes aren’t statistically meaningful; they never really were, except to others in relation to their expectations and dreams on his behalf.  … Continue reading Onward


Six summer weeks on the road, traveling from my New Orleans base back to my Twin Cities home turf. Let’s call it a ‘working vacation’…that I now could use a vacation from. The trip itself was mostly a success, but while living in the south, sometimes a return to my Midwestern roots leave e scratching … Continue reading Travelogue

A Teachers Summer on the Road; Episode 2

Random (like the weather) thoughts. Tattoos are all the rage.  Personally, I have never had the urge to get one, and the more I work with inner city high school kids and with twenty-somethings adorned with them… I really don’t care for the idea of somebody using my body as a Spirograph. Walk into a … Continue reading A Teachers Summer on the Road; Episode 2

A Teachers Summer on the Road; Episode 1

My first Monday back in my hometown of Minneapolis. Reupping with an employer you haven’t worked for in over ten years is a bit like having dinner with a former lover. You start by discussing your separate, mostly unknown here-and-now’s before you move on to on shared pasts, getting each other up to date, filling … Continue reading A Teachers Summer on the Road; Episode 1

2012 Leftovers: Scraps, tidbits and what-thas…?

The ever-present-in-my-back-pocket Notebook of Niftiness (NON) becomes something of a Rubbermaid tub throughout the year; while many of the ideas and tidbits make their way into a post on either this blog or into a full-fledged poem for my poetry blog, some just languish there, out of sight, out of mind, but safe in the … Continue reading 2012 Leftovers: Scraps, tidbits and what-thas…?

Hard to disguise

For like only, ummm….maybe the third time in my adult life, I am invited to a Halloween costume party. A real, honest-to-goodness, grown-up, sophisticated-folks costume party. Ahh, what to wear, what to wear? A colleague of mine, Ms. Smith*, is throwing this little soiree, and extended the invite to my wife and I verbally a … Continue reading Hard to disguise