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Everything is on the table

Our kitchen table is an heirloom in training. Sitting alone at this table with open notebook, a pen, and a fresh cup of coffee in the early morning light of day I can, with an angular glance, see the extensive preparation and practice for remembrance that it has already put in. At a mere sixteen-years, … Continue reading Everything is on the table

Through different eyes

Through different eyes

Another Mardi Gras is in the books. Friday night before Fat Tuesday, the forty days of revelry preceding Lent are in high gear.  My wife and I hadn’t been to the Friday night parades in a few years, but we had a friend marching in one of them, so we decided it would be a … Continue reading Through different eyes

Like Son, Like Father, Like Wow, Man

“You young kids and your crazy ideas.” That’s a phrase my thirteen-year old son Sam uses dryly when a topic comes up and I refer to something from the past, or throw in some sort of archaic phrase like ‘groovy’ into a dinner table conversation. One of Sam’s favorite treats is a cold Dr.Pepper; so … Continue reading Like Son, Like Father, Like Wow, Man

No fine print, just a fine woman.

Nineteen years ago today, I got married. For the second time. There are all sorts of things that I could say here about getting it right this time, first time around is just practice, etcetera – but that is all very cliché – and not all that reflective of the realities of life. I could … Continue reading No fine print, just a fine woman.