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Paperboy. Mower of lawns, painter of fences; ice-cream-scooper- slash-soda jerk, lumberjack. Old- folk odd-jobber, potato peeler dishwasher donut seller Early vocations of a professional amateur, experience invaluable; financed my adolescent frivolity while banking interest-compounding life lessons. I still make regular withdrawals. Radio announcer, sales consultant, commercial producer; census taker, construction worker, radio station manager. Boss? … Continue reading Résumé


He was rugged, portly shaman in plaid-flannel couture, sleeves always rolled up to the elbow There are no mountaintops in Minnesota’s northwoods. Enlightenment there comes from atop a decaying tree stump aside a rustic leaf and pine needle carpeted trail cutting through towering birch, white pines, maple, oak You stop, to sit for a spell – … Continue reading Oracle