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Reprise: Happily, Less Full of Phil

07/13/16 I learned just today of the passing of a great poet and incredibly influential teacher: professor Phil Dacey. I was finishing up college as a middle-aged non-trad, Phil was in his last year of teaching before retirement, and he helmed my first class at Southwest Minnesota State University. The year - and his tutelage - … Continue reading Reprise: Happily, Less Full of Phil


"Gather ye rosebuds while ye may, old time is still a flying, and this same flower that smiles today, tomorrow will be dying." - Robert Herrick, 1591 – 1674 as quoted in the film Dead Poet’s Society Along with many others, I mourn the recent death of Robin Williams. I have seen a lot of … Continue reading Inspirare

For those who aren’t familiar with my poetry

My first writing love is poetry. Please check out my poetry blog, Ponderable polemics, poetic at  https://markluckerpoet.wordpress.com/ I have recently posted a brand new piece about the end of summer. Timely enough. I hope you enjoy it, and anything else you find there.

Happily, Less Full of Phil

This year provided one of the best last-day-of-school experiences I have ever had; certainly the best in the four-years since my mid-life career change placed me in front of various New Orleans high school classrooms. The fact that I am slated to start the next school year in the same place I ended the previous … Continue reading Happily, Less Full of Phil

Eternal spring

“You see, you spend a good piece of your life gripping a baseball, and in the end it turns out that it was the other way around all the time.” – Former major leaguer & Author Jim Bouton Life is a scorecard; an encrypted story in exotic-to-the-unwashed hieroglyphs, easily and quickly translated by those versed in … Continue reading Eternal spring

Characters who helped shape mine (#2 in a series) The Professor

It would be cliché to say that some of the greatest teachers I have had in my life never stood in front of a classroom; the best lessons rarely came framed by chalkboard proscenium. One of the most unique teachers I ever encountered, I had  the privilege of seeing in action holding class for his solitary student in … Continue reading Characters who helped shape mine (#2 in a series) The Professor

Somedays, a regular blog-read just won’t do it.

Thats when you can check out my recently-migrated-to-WordPress poetry blog. https://markluckerpoet.wordpress.com/ All poetry, all the time.


On long family trips when I was six, seven, eight, nine - cowboys, Indians, soldiers and animals romped in a nappy, synthetic dark-blue rear-window meadow other times, that Plymouth field was simply a ledge on which to fold arms, place chin, lean on watching the highway behind us fade to black while my mother half-jokingly … Continue reading Traveling


Graduation from high school meant moving on, getting on with life, trying something new somewhere else – leaving Graduation gifts were practical to the situation; a typewriter, a briefcase, cash, sage advice… a contradictory set of luggage, gifted by mom and dad. Not wanting me to go, knowing I must; wary, hopeful, resigned questioning all … Continue reading Portability


Loin cloth, tuxedo; so many moods, so few nights we have to ourselves