Make it stop….please make it stop. (Or; Whew! No more political ads. For NOW.)

The following is addressed to everyone I know, regardless where they perch on the political spectrum.

I did my part today – I voted. Now I can (hopefully) not have to listen to anymore political ads and can instead set my sights on being annoyed by holiday advertising. Those ads are certainly as ubiquitous and insipid as anything political, but generally without the vitriol.

Now that the election is over (yeah, I know, the post-mortems have just begun) I have some free advice I hope everyone who reads this post will take to heart. In fact, please pass this along to anyone you think I might be referring to. (Example: If anyone you know has foam around their mouth when discussing President Obama, Sarah Palin, the Left or the Tea Party – send this their way…pronto!)

Now then…

To my friends on the right: Please lay off e-mailing me political cartoons and exclamation-point laced tirades about the ‘evils’ of the left. This will now include anything involving and/or referring to ‘destroying Liberalism.’ You cannot destroy an idea…Lord only know why you would seek to, simply because you don’t agree with it. Trust me; Liberals and their ideals/ideas aren’t hurting you one bit. Even the really bad ideas and ideals you see as sinister.

To my friends on the left: Please lay off e-mailing me political cartoons and exclamation-point laced tirades about the ‘evils’ of the right, the anti-American, racist bent of the Tea Party, George Bush. He is history; move on. Same goes for you; Conservatives and their ideals/ideas aren’t hurting you one bit. Even the really bad ideas and ideals you see as sinister.

To everyone: No, I do not believe that President Obama is a raving Socialist, Muslim, born in another country, ‘subversive supporter of Muslim terrorists’ to name just a few epithets that I have seen. The fact that many of YOU do scares me a bit, but have your little delusions – just keep most of them to yourselves. I also don’t believe that the Tea Party is a racist, ‘anarchist front’. The fact that many of YOU do feel this way also scares me a bit, but I find you, too, generally harmless. Please keep your fantasy lives just that. Now the Tea Party may be a bit heavy on people who have too much time to spend on Betsy Ross and Colonial Minuteman costumes, but that’s another story.

And all of you, quit throwing terms like Socialist, Fascist, elitist and banker around willy-nilly. You sound like you’re trapped in some time-warp junior high history class stuck on unit covering the 1930’s.

The reason I can say ‘don’t worry’ about the Tea Party, Socialists, Obama, Palin, et al is quite simple; our Republic has survived far more serious threats than anything – ANYTHING – I see on the horizon today – regardless of who is spewing what kind of hate .

And yes, that includes the threat of terrorism. If you think the garbage everyone is yelling from both sides of the political spectrum is unique, or heralds some end-times, think again. Here is just a partial list, in no particular order of importance or chronology, of things our country has endured and yes – survived – just in my lifetime – that have fueled generation upon generation of good old American Chciken-Litttles:

The Cold War
Cuban Missile Crisis
Assassinations: JFK, Medgar Evers, Malcolm X, MLK, RFK
LBJ’s Great Society
Civil Rights Act of 1964
Kent State
Watergate (including the Saturday Night Massacre)
Gas crisis of the 1970’s
Jerry Ford’s WIN
Jimmy Carter’s ‘malaise’ admonishment
Iran Hostages crisis (and Iran Contra scandal)
Myriad Supreme Court decisions
9/11 attacks
Patriot Act

And yet, the Republic endures!

If you think ‘Obama Care’ or the Tea Party, or Palin, O’Donnell, Obama, Pelosi or whomever is to American Society as the Plague was to Medieval Europe – go hang out at a Renaissance Fair somewhere and let us normal, rational people in the middle try –TRY – to get something positive accomplished.

Like having a life.

So there. It’s over, we can now go about the business of actually prodding the people we elected to actually do something instead of just spewing overwrought rhetoric. You did actually vote for people with ideas, right? You didn’t just vote for someone because, oh, I don’t know…they said they were
For stuff!
Against stuff!
Need more war!

Oh yeah…one more thing. Being against a specific someone/something/some group/some idea is no way, shape or form ‘Un-American.’ If you want to spend me any of that crap via e-mail, Facebook, whatever, expect it to come back at you, because to me the labeling of one’s political opponents or opposing ideas as ‘Un-American’ is about as counter patriotic as it gets.

Thanks, and have a happy non-election season.