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‘Kids, don’t try this at home. Again.’ A Valentine vignette

‘Kids, don’t try this at home. Again.’ A Valentine vignette

We were young, we were broke….we were living in rural Iowa, for cryin' out loud. My roommate Jim had a girlfriend, and one Friday night he was going to impress her with a nice, home cooked meal and an evening of romance. This necessitated me finding somewhere else to be for the night, which was … Continue reading ‘Kids, don’t try this at home. Again.’ A Valentine vignette

A passed torch

A passed torch

I’ve become the old guys I grew up around. My youth was filled with a fascinating blend of old timers that I joyfully gleaned much of what I needed to know about life by just hanging around with all of them. They were mostly retired, blue-collar guys; my grandfather worked on an assembly line making […]


Faded are July’s warmth, summer’s cheers. Supplanted now by sundry, encroaching hints of cooler days; forgotten expectations, procrastinated chores now mothballed, he can only now muse without dwelling on what won’t be. Could-have-beens and maybes aren’t statistically meaningful; they never really were, except to others in relation to their expectations and dreams on his behalf.  … Continue reading Onward

Had a ball, to a tee

Baseball is prominent in Lucker family lore: my wife and I come from families of ardent baseball fans, and we met in the summer of 1991 - our dating life was intertwined with the World Series run and eventual championship of our hometown Minnesota Twins. The following summer we were married, had a baseball-themed reception, … Continue reading Had a ball, to a tee


I just celebrated birthday number 55 – as a friend so euphemistically put it, my ‘speed limit birthday.’ The Double Nickel. Stay alive, drive 55. The 70’s called – they want their slogans back. I’ll go with ‘Thrive 55.’ No copyright or datedness issues, plus it’s mine and I am. Thriving, that is. For the … Continue reading @55

Hanging with ghosts and great ideas

It is a brisk March Wednesday night in the French Quarter of New Orleans. Once a smitten, first time tourist, I am now a resident of the city, though not a permanent denizen of the Quarter. I have lived here going on five years now, and remain infatuated with the city, and this unique segment … Continue reading Hanging with ghosts and great ideas

2012 Leftovers: Scraps, tidbits and what-thas…?

The ever-present-in-my-back-pocket Notebook of Niftiness (NON) becomes something of a Rubbermaid tub throughout the year; while many of the ideas and tidbits make their way into a post on either this blog or into a full-fledged poem for my poetry blog, some just languish there, out of sight, out of mind, but safe in the … Continue reading 2012 Leftovers: Scraps, tidbits and what-thas…?

‘Chicken is chicken. Parts is parts.’

A friend recently posted a note on Facebook concerning her young sons voracious appetites, bemoaning the fact that her first-grader could “apparently eat a whole rotisserie chicken by himself!’” Ahh, rotisserie chicken. At one time or another, we’ve all had the need for a quick meal. If you are really in a rush, you can … Continue reading ‘Chicken is chicken. Parts is parts.’

Synonym or Symptom

Pet phrases. Most of us have at least a few family idioms; odd turns of phrase they use on a regular basis due to the fact that they have been indelibly imprinted on the brains of said family members. Usually, these expressions are frequently uttered without conscious thought or awareness of the speaker. Use of … Continue reading Synonym or Symptom

Digging in the Dirt Pile of Memories

The other day I was standing on the front porch with my sixteen year old son Will, waiting for his family car pool ride to school, sophomore year now in the homestretch. I was on spring break from my school and was savoring the opportunity for a little morning one-on-one we don’t normally have; younger … Continue reading Digging in the Dirt Pile of Memories