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Making my best pitch

Making my best pitch

I have a dead file, and it is in need of its annual updating. The file dangles in the front of our family filing cabinet, a red hanging folder filled with all of the important stuff my family will need for when I depart this mortal coil: the songs I want played, the songs I wish … Continue reading Making my best pitch


I just celebrated birthday number 55 – as a friend so euphemistically put it, my ‘speed limit birthday.’ The Double Nickel. Stay alive, drive 55. The 70’s called – they want their slogans back. I’ll go with ‘Thrive 55.’ No copyright or datedness issues, plus it’s mine and I am. Thriving, that is. For the … Continue reading @55

The Thrill Is Not Gone

“Political elections are a good deal like marriages, there's no accounting for anyone's taste”. - Will Rogers, American Humorist Election day always makes me nostalgic; not for the things you might expect like civility, logic and actual hope that win-or-lose, my guys could work with the other guys. My wistfulness is more visceral. I get sweaty-palms, … Continue reading The Thrill Is Not Gone

Eternal spring

“You see, you spend a good piece of your life gripping a baseball, and in the end it turns out that it was the other way around all the time.” – Former major leaguer & Author Jim Bouton Life is a scorecard; an encrypted story in exotic-to-the-unwashed hieroglyphs, easily and quickly translated by those versed in … Continue reading Eternal spring

Characters who helped shape mine (#1 in a series) The Grocer

It is well documented that scents and smells are among the most powerful of memory triggers; I have to believe that sounds cannot be far behind. When I began teaching, I purchased a set of self-inking stamps for classroom use, one of which I use on a daily basis: my red thumb. The thumb stamp … Continue reading Characters who helped shape mine (#1 in a series) The Grocer

Everything old is new again

One of the offshoots of my new teaching gig is the retro-yet-contemporary feel to my classroom; I have a ceiling-mounted projector with which I can utilize my school provided ELMO document camera. Anything from a single sheet of paper to a teachers edition-thick textbook can be placed under the camera and shown on-screen, and ELMO also projects computer … Continue reading Everything old is new again


On long family trips when I was six, seven, eight, nine - cowboys, Indians, soldiers and animals romped in a nappy, synthetic dark-blue rear-window meadow other times, that Plymouth field was simply a ledge on which to fold arms, place chin, lean on watching the highway behind us fade to black while my mother half-jokingly … Continue reading Traveling

Something concrete

My sons and I spent a good chunk of last weekend pouring concrete as part of our front yard beautification efforts. At ages 15 and 12 it was the first major outdoor project they have both been equal participants in. Part of that is due to the fact that after we moved from Minnesota to … Continue reading Something concrete

Culture shocks

The ‘Beat Generation’ now needs a pacemaker; they can still Howl – but it’s mostly in discomfort Hippies now take a drag, teeter on artificial joints Peace, love, rock-and-roll? Viagra, naps, Metamucil Culture they unleashed now subjected to leash laws yet I admire their restraint in not pandering to regret


Graduation from high school meant moving on, getting on with life, trying something new somewhere else – leaving Graduation gifts were practical to the situation; a typewriter, a briefcase, cash, sage advice… a contradictory set of luggage, gifted by mom and dad. Not wanting me to go, knowing I must; wary, hopeful, resigned questioning all … Continue reading Portability