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Schoolyear Homestretch: They Know Not of What They Speak. Or Write.

Schoolyear Homestretch: They Know Not of What They Speak. Or Write.

The discussion in my predominately black, tenth grade classroom was focused on racism. We have been working our way through the book A Lesson Before Dying, a wonderful 1994 Pulitzer nominee about a rural Louisiana black man sentenced to death for a crime he didn’t commit. Set in 1947, the story pre-dates the Civil Rights […]

Reprise: Happily, Less Full of Phil

07/13/16 I learned just today of the passing of a great poet and incredibly influential teacher: professor Phil Dacey. I was finishing up college as a middle-aged non-trad, Phil was in his last year of teaching before retirement, and he helmed my first class at Southwest Minnesota State University. The year - and his tutelage - … Continue reading Reprise: Happily, Less Full of Phil


I just celebrated birthday number 55 – as a friend so euphemistically put it, my ‘speed limit birthday.’ The Double Nickel. Stay alive, drive 55. The 70’s called – they want their slogans back. I’ll go with ‘Thrive 55.’ No copyright or datedness issues, plus it’s mine and I am. Thriving, that is. For the … Continue reading @55

Hanging with ghosts and great ideas

It is a brisk March Wednesday night in the French Quarter of New Orleans. Once a smitten, first time tourist, I am now a resident of the city, though not a permanent denizen of the Quarter. I have lived here going on five years now, and remain infatuated with the city, and this unique segment … Continue reading Hanging with ghosts and great ideas

2012 Leftovers: Scraps, tidbits and what-thas…?

The ever-present-in-my-back-pocket Notebook of Niftiness (NON) becomes something of a Rubbermaid tub throughout the year; while many of the ideas and tidbits make their way into a post on either this blog or into a full-fledged poem for my poetry blog, some just languish there, out of sight, out of mind, but safe in the … Continue reading 2012 Leftovers: Scraps, tidbits and what-thas…?

For those who aren’t familiar with my poetry

My first writing love is poetry. Please check out my poetry blog, Ponderable polemics, poetic at  https://markluckerpoet.wordpress.com/ I have recently posted a brand new piece about the end of summer. Timely enough. I hope you enjoy it, and anything else you find there.

Been there, not done that

I have been on blog-hiatus. It was not by choice, per se, it just sort of worked out that way. The last few weeks have been teacher-hectic, getting ready for a new school year and all, but that is a rather lame excuse. ‘Writers block’ has been an issue this summer, though truthfully, lately it … Continue reading Been there, not done that

Playing With Writer’s Blocks

I’ve always enjoyed playing with blocks; what kid didn’t? Wooden blocks, of course, the first ones you get when you’re really little, and plastic blocks at my aunt and uncles house. Those plastic ones were my favorites: they weren’t Legos. They were some off-brand, all white blocks with some red and green windows and doors. Some … Continue reading Playing With Writer’s Blocks

Happily, Less Full of Phil

This year provided one of the best last-day-of-school experiences I have ever had; certainly the best in the four-years since my mid-life career change placed me in front of various New Orleans high school classrooms. The fact that I am slated to start the next school year in the same place I ended the previous … Continue reading Happily, Less Full of Phil

My diagnosis? ‘George Washington Syndrome.’ (Or: Cherry tree? Whats a cherry tree?)

“What this night really needs is a couple of good lies to be told.” - Me, speaking to two teaching colleagues, 7:00 P.M. 03/26/12 We had parent-teacher conferences at school last Monday night, and six of mine showed up out of roughly 75 students. Not a great ratio, but better than many of my colleagues. … Continue reading My diagnosis? ‘George Washington Syndrome.’ (Or: Cherry tree? Whats a cherry tree?)