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First letter to a new grandson

Eight years later?  The self-rejoinder - coming soon to this space.  11/17/11 Dear Felix: First off, let me welcome you to this wild, wonderful world. Yeah, it has issues – always has and always will. Maybe as time goes by, you’ll be one of the ones fixing the problems. Still, it’s a great place to hang … Continue reading First letter to a new grandson

Shades of Black and White

It was late summer, 1979, and my friend Johnny was dying. Our star fullback in high school, heavyweight wrestling champ, all around BMOC, sat there before me, slumped, in a wheelchair in his parent’s Denver living room. His once chiseled, athletic frame was basically down to half of the 215 pounds he burst through opposing … Continue reading Shades of Black and White

“Texting, one, two…really?”

“Texting, one, two…really?”

For those of you who have followed our saga as teachers the past eight-plus years, and for those who have read my book (‘Do You Know What it Means, to Teach new Orleans?’ http://lrd.to/do-you-know-what-it-means ) know that we have our share of offbeat stories to tell. Classroom stories and oddities galore, to be sure, but … Continue reading “Texting, one, two…really?”

It’s all the rage

A few years back, prompted by the writings of my erstwhile high school seniors at the time, I coined a new phrase for a phenomenon I never knew existed.  Two-plus years later, the spectacle I envisioned then came back to my classroom (an entirely different locale and temperament than where the original story occurred) via … Continue reading It’s all the rage

First letter to a new grandson

It's hard to believe it has been four years since I first penned the missive below.  But it has been. My grandson Felix turns four on Tuesday. In looking back over my initial thoughts at this wondrous event...well, not much has changed. Except everything has.  All for the good. Time flies, and flying with Felix? … Continue reading First letter to a new grandson


"Gather ye rosebuds while ye may, old time is still a flying, and this same flower that smiles today, tomorrow will be dying." - Robert Herrick, 1591 – 1674 as quoted in the film Dead Poet’s Society Along with many others, I mourn the recent death of Robin Williams. I have seen a lot of … Continue reading Inspirare

It’s all the rage these days

Prompted by the writings of my erstwhile high school seniors, I coined a new phrase for a phenomenon I never knew existed. ‘Sprite Rage’ It all started with a simple start of class, ‘Do Now’ writing prompt one day a few weeks back. When my students come in, there is a prompt up on the … Continue reading It’s all the rage these days


“Go forth…and don’t multiply!” That was my pre-emptive rebuke to my students as they departed my classroom each period on Valentines Day. I would say it as I opened the door when the bell rang, using a tone of voice I intended to be ‘firm’ but after ninety-minutes with each group, my tenor may have … Continue reading Admonition

Kids these days

You just never know how my students are going to react. The new semester began this past week, and I have two completely new sets of senior English students to deal with and hybrid speech class of holdovers and newcomers. I like the freshness of two new classes – especially since this is the final … Continue reading Kids these days

“E.T. phoooooooone hooooome….”

Your word of the day, as it was for my two senior English classes on Friday, is 'nomophobia.' Nomophobia is the fear of not having mobile phone connectivity. Though I am no clinician or diagnostician, I am a high school English teacher. My students are indeed afflicted with nomophobia; you would think, sans their phones, … Continue reading “E.T. phoooooooone hooooome….”